Juniors are aged between 9 and 11 years and can then become Naval Cadets. They attend on Thursday Evenings from 7:15.p.m. – 9:30.p.m.


If in the Unit Band, they can also attend for practice on Friday Evenings 7:15.p.m. - 9:30.p.m.


When you join the Sea Training Corps Junior Section, there is a 6 week trial period which is free of charge. During this time you learn about the Corps, how to dress in uniform correctly and are given a tour of the Unit HQ and its Facilities.


After the 6 week Probationary period you obtain your first Uniform (which is called No 4’s and includes a seaman’s beret). These will be provided on payment of the annual subscription and uniform deposit.


You Learn What to do in and Event of a Fire, learn how to make and know the uses of a range of knots, how to Record and Deliver a Telephone Message, Parts of a Ship, General Sea Terms, Parts of a Boat & Oar and some Basic First Aid. 


After completing all of the above, you then obtain your first rank and badge, and become an Ordinary Junior, which is the first rung on the ladder to becoming a Leading Junior, then you can become a Naval Cadet at the age of 11 years. You can stay in the Juniors until you are 12 years if you wish.