Off Shore Vessels:   

Training at Sea is undertaken over a weekend, or 5 or 7 Days. You train to navigate and steer the ship, do fire fighting onboard, man over board exercises and numerous other activities. You can also go abroad to France, Belgium, the Channel Islands etc. depending on weather. You can qualify for Seamanship Certificates and Badges starting at the bottom and working up as high as Skipper if you wish to. These are all done to RYA standards which are internationally recognised.



Night Exercises:   

These are normally 12 or 24 hour activities that go on though the night, learning Tactical Manoeuvres, Ambushing, Camouflage and Concealment plus various other activities. Finishing with an early morning debrief and breakfast at McDonald's.   



Computer Courses:  

These are held during a parade night in the Ships Office for those that are interested. Training aids are also available on the computers.



First Aid Courses:   

These courses can be undertaken through the unit but only basic First Aid is taught on the class / rank cards.




This is one of the indoor camps that are undertaken using a Sea Scout traditional HQ, which contains a lot of very good atmosphere.




Thetford is just one of the various locations that we use to camp under canvas in Norfolk. 



New Forest:  

New Forest is a camp in Hampshire which is also under canvas.




Amersham is a camp in Buckinghamshire which is also under canvas.



The four Camps above can be either week or weekend camps. We do travel to other locations as well. 


Belgium Camp and Holland Camps:  

are usually one week camps held in the respective Naval Barracks and hosted by the Navies of those Countries. 


These are just a few examples of the many non compulsory camps and courses that are available and undertaken by this very busy and active group.