Compass Aims & Objectives



That the main aims shall be:

  1. To actively support wherever possible any group that may need moral or practical support during times of difficulty, in order that it may continue and flourish.


  2. To promote the national organisation and its identity, and to actively support its growth by the founding of new groups or the enrolling of groups already existing.


  3. The exchange of ideas and friendship.


  4. Joint camps, courses and training.


  5. Sharing of non-compulsory activities and competitions.


  6. Socialisation (3 to 5) between members and member groups.


  7. The sharing of facilities, contacts, equipment and transport etc. wherever practicable. To hold a minimum of two meetings per annum through the medium of telephone contact, a newsletter for each member, web-site or internet facility, actual meetings, the compiling of, and the distribution to group leaders only, of a national directory. An annual forum (get together) at central office H.Q. in order to debate and exchange ideas for the further promotion of “COMPASS”. Free meals and free overnight accommodation available if required, (youngsters could be accommodated if necessary).


  8. Whenever possible to obtain central funding for “COMPASS” groups that might not otherwise be available to them as individual groups. This is not however to detract from 1to 7 nor is it the main aim.


  9. To distribute directly to that group, any funding from grant making bodies made specifically for a particular group.



Free Meals = A maximum of three people from each group.

A charge will be levied for additional persons.