Compass Financial



  1. Wherever possible to obtain central funding for COMPASS groups that might not otherwise be available to them as individual groups. This is not however to detract from 1 to 7 nor is it the main aim.


  2. To distribute to that group any funding from grant making bodies made specifically for a particular group.


  3. Through the parent body (S.T.C. HQ. Exec.) to administer funding made available to S.T.C. or COMPASS as an umbrella body.


  4. Groups will have associate membership for six months and full membership after twelve months.(Entitlement to “A.” Will only be for full members).


  5. Removal from COMPASS – groups will be “struck off” and lose the entitlement to use the name and the sense of national identity that membership brings. If they refuse to pay their annual subs or bring the name into disrepute by anti-social behaviour, that is to say continuous anti-social behaviour, as it is recognised that all groups will have problems and not all groups or members will necessarily like each other or their particular routines etc.


  6. Member groups will be expected to actively support any executive decision on these or any other matters.


  7. To hold a minimum of two meetings per annum through the medium of telephone contact, a newsletter for each member, web-site or internet facility, actual meetings, the compiling of, and the distribution to group leaders only, of a national directory. An annual forum (get together) at “BROADSWORD” with free meals and overnight accommodation if required to debate and exchange ideas for the further promotion of “COMPASS” youngsters could also be accommodated if necessary.


Most groups (but not all) have good camping and or indoor sleeping facilities that they are willing to share. Some are by the sea front, others have a variety of facilities. Whilst others have inland water, adventurous areas, museums etc. etc. available to all “so lets communicate” and involve others, give the youngsters a great time and a reason to belong plus give the adults an enjoyable time as well. Wives, girlfriends, husbands, etc. not running the group directly are also welcome.

The aims and objectives of the SEA TRAINING CORPS are the same as those for COMPASS with the additional of occasional directives / guidance for the sake of uniformity, health and safety, behaviour, codes of conduct and etiquette etc.