Broadsword is a Self Help/Self Financing Group, and has a long wish list needed for it to progress, expand, continue and to develop further in order to support the vitally important work it carries out voluntarily for Youth and the Community. To this end any Donation, however small or large, would be very gratefully received and formally acknowledged. Donors kind enough to donate for running costs will be sent a set of Professionally Audited signed Annual Accounts. Donors kind enough to donate for a specific project or items of equipment etc. will be sent receipts and invited to inspect any purchases. All donors will be welcome to visit T.S. Broadsword either officially or un-announced.



Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving



Donations should be made out to:

“T.S.  Broadsword”


And forwarded to: 

Cmdr. G.F. Beck. MBE. B.Ed.

C/O   3, Glenwood Avenue,


London NW9 7PL