In 1941 Hendon Unit was formed by Mr. Howard FARROW and Lt. Cdr. Louis FLATEAU, RNVR, in a school hall. They had to transport their equipment backwards and forwards from lock up garages three quarters of a mile away, each evening.



In 1946 Howard FARROW retired and his son, Stanley FARROW took over.



In 1955 the then First Lieutenant - Lt. Cdr. W. WOODMAN, RNVR, took over as Commanding Officer until 1964 they were succeeded by Mr. Stanley FARROW and Lt. Cdr. Sidney CURTIS, RNR, and the Unit moved to its new premises in 1966.



In 1969 Lt. Cdr. Harry HILL, RNR, succeeded Lt. Cdr. Curtis with Mr. Stanley FARROW still at the helm.



In 1976 Lt. Cdr. Gerald BECK, RNR, succeeded Lt. Cdr. Hill as Commanding Officer, with Commander J. Marriot R. N. serving as President. 



In 1978 Surgeon Captain Roger Berry R. N. R. succeeded Commander J. Marriot R. N. serving as President.



In April 1991 the unit changed from TS Isis Sea Cadet Corps to TS Broadsword Sea Training Corps and became an independent corps. 


In October 1991 Cdr R. L. Tallack RD*, RNR succeeded Surgeon Captain R. Berry as President, with Mr Stanley Farrow remaining as Life President.



In 1999 Rear Admiral Colin Cooke Priest CB RN succeeded Cdr Tallack as President, and the unit became the National HQ of the Sea Training Corps units, with Cdr Beck as the Captain of the Corps COMPASS was then formed as a division of the STC in order to incorporate other uniformed, and structured groups, with Major P.J. O'Brien. Deputy Lt as its Patron, and President of Broadsword. 



Mr Martin Russell Deputy Lt. succeeded as the unit's President.  

Major P.J. O'Brien took office as the unit's life President along with Lt. Cdr.

C.Tearle R.N.R. also took office as a life President.






Members of the S.T.C will, from time to time, be asked why the S.T.C or their particular Unit is not part of an organisation such as the Marine Society Sea Cadet Corps, Army or Air Cadet Corps, some of the reasons, which the committee feel are relevant, are as follows, but in no particular order: 


  1. S.T.C. is not an organisation, such as the Marine Society Sea Cadet Corps, Army or Air Cadets, which control or directs member Units; remember our Mission Statement, it is the best description of what we are about.

  2. This enables us to keep our overheads down which is essential as both S.T.C. and its member Units depend totally on self generated funds to finance their work with the cadets in their local area.

  3. Because we have no central organisation and each Unit is an independent entity in its own right, many staff, make a lifetime commitment to that Unit; this gives an invaluable sense of "family" to those who do not find it elsewhere.

  4. The Sea Cadet Corps, although not having a military aim, is based rightly and firmly on the traditions of Navy of which we are all proud. This necessarily imposes a degree of selection with regard to age and physical fitness. S.T.C. Units are totally free to serve the needs of their local communities and are able to provide challenge and comradeship to all who are prepared to make an honest commitment to our aims and objectives.

  5. Although S.T.C. is a young organisation, some of our member Units, were formed over 60 years ago. From the beginning, these Units espoused principles of equality that have only recently been accepted by some other youth based organisations. Particularly, we have always been able to accept younger cadets and we have always treated all as equal, irrespective of capability or gender.


There is no doubt that the way in which we are organised gives us a great degree of flexibility to concentrate on serving the specific needs of our individual communities. If that need is best satisfied through a Sea Cadet Corps or similar organisation, we have no problem. We are not an acquisitive organisation. Our firm belief is that all our efforts should be directed towards our cadets and, through them, back into the local community. We hope and believe that we can work with and share with other organisations to the benefit of all Cadets.