navalcadet marines

Marines are aged between 13 and 19 Years after which they may join the staff. They attend on a Monday and Friday Evenings. 


When you join the Sea Training Corps there is a 6 week trial period which is free of charge. During this time you learn about the Marine Section, take a tour of the Unit HQ and have explained the routines and organisations of all the various groups. 


You Learn the Range Procedure’s, Basic Drill, Piping, Ranks of the RN / RM/ STC, Fire Drill & the introduction to the No.4 Rifle / Bren and SA.80. 


After the 6 week Probationary period you obtain your first Uniform (which is called Light Weights / Greens or Denims and includes a Beret). These will be provided on payment of the annual subscription and uniform deposit. 


Then you start the second part of the training, which involves Rifle Drill, Basic RM History, Colours and Sunset Routines, Basic Knots, and Room Clearance procedures.


At the end of 12 weeks you will be provided with the next uniform (which is called Blue's). This uniform is the equivalent of the official Royal Marines Uniform.


After completing all of the above, you then obtain your first Rank and Badge and become a Marine Cadet 2nd Class which is the first rung on the ladder to becoming a Cadet Sgnt and ultimately a member of Staff.


You cannot transfer from the Naval Cadets into the Marine Section. until you have reached the Rank of Leading Seaman. given 6 months service in that Rank. Transfer is subject to the approval of the Commanding Officer, and applicants being deemed suitable, plus there being a Vacancy.