Compass Rules & Regulations



COMPASS very much exists and has its own headed notepaper—groups—aims and objectives plus its own Patron. 


COMPASS is a division of the Sea Training Corps Ltd. And is made up of this body promoting like-minded organisations for the betterment of youth.


Executive Committee is the existing committee of the Broadsword based in London NW9. Which is a tried and tested group over many years. 


Bi-annual open forums will be held at the London H.Q. for all associated groups for the exchange of ideas—visits—etc. for the benefit of all.  It is hoped that each group will provide a minimum of one representative. 


Policy decisions will be at the discretion of the executive committee to the mutual benefit of all, taking into consideration the views and ideas expressed at the open forum. 


Application for membership should be addressed to the membership secretary at central office—National H.Q. on the appropriate application form obtainable from that office. 


Membership of COMPASS will be dependant on the usual references being supplied. This does not apply to “known groups”.



Membership fee’s per annum:


Groups 0 to 20 21 to 40 41 to 60 61 plus
Fee 20 40 60 80

Payable annually in advance and relying on the “integrity” of groups and leadership.



Equipment and facilities Funded by compass to its member groups, these must be returned to the National H.Q. for redistribution to other COMPASS groups should a group leave the organisation for whatever reason or cease to exist